This is a restaurant. All kinds of products enter, delicious food is prepared and at the end of the day, the trash is tossed out. In an average restaurant, this amounts to between 100-300 kilograms of waste every day.

Some throw all the trash out together. Others separate organic (food waste, peels) from inorganic (plastics, glass, metals). Often inorganic waste is recycled, while organic waste is usually taken to a dumpster.

There it begins to rot, which releases methane into the atmosphere, a gas 25 times more potent than CO2 in causing climate change.
In essence, we are wasting a natural resource that contains many nutrients and energy

Sinba is a Peruvian venture founded to help reverse this situation. We are working with the Peruvian culinary sector to create solutions:

How we can help achieve a world without waste?

We are looking for clients, volunteers, partners, investors, friends, and in general to anyone willing and able to help. Write us: